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Casa Rural

Los Juncares 

Weekend:450 €
Whole week:850 €
Semana (6noches):800 €
Día suelto entre semana:175 €
Día adicional en puentes Semana Santa y Navidades:150 €
Día adicional a fin de semana:110 €
Cama supletoria noche:15 €
Week (6 nights) 800?
Extra day of the weekend. 110?
Extra day of long weekends, Easter, Christmas 150?
One weekly day 175?
Extra bed: 15?/night.
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Environment´s information

Its proximity to Soria (14 kilometres) is a temptation to go to the capital of Soria and run it with care. Equally, the visit to the archaeological site of Numancia in Garray is attractive, in whose Northeast slope there is a Romanesque hermitage which is worthy. For being equally close, in the West, the region of Valley with its cattle, meadows and the mountain chain Cebollera, the tourist can go there quietly. We recommend seeing the Strong House of San Gregorio as well, the jolly tree of Garagüeta and even going into from Garray in the region of High Lands at least up to Oncala. Or get into in High Lnads from Magaña (it has a wonderful castle) and Fuentes de Magaña where there is an impressive dinosaur sculpture, it is said that it is the biggest one of the world. And very close to Almajano is Narros with its big stone houses and shields, fountain and hermitages.


It is located 14 km from the capital of Soria and settled in the center of the province, so any interest point is very close. Although the village is very small it has health center, chemist´s, bakery, bar and playground with fronton. There are medieval stelas inside of its parish of San Andrés with architecture of the XVI and XVIII centuries, highlighting the tower bell. Some houses with shields highlight, specially the strong house of the Sarracedo´s next to the main square which has many battlemented walls.


Soria capital, Numancia, Icnitas route, holly-tree of Garagüeta, the Black Lake, the canyon of river Lobos, charm villages, etc.


Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, listening to the bellowing, mycology, ...


Numancia resistió al imperio Romano en diversas guerras celtibérico-romanas hasta ser quemada por Cornelio Escipión en el 133 a.C. Se han reconstruido dos casas y hay un itinerario para recorrer las c...
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